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Issue 883: Port AESS (ABE) driver to current kernel

Reported by Michael Mrozek, Jun 14, 2018

Right now, the AESS driver is not working.
This is a driver that enables hardware support for mixing, 
converting, etc. audio streams.

Without it, the CPU has to do everything, which is a horrible waste 
of CPU power.

Andrej started to work on this, but the current status is unknown:

Comment 1 by Marek Belisko, Jun 22, 2018

I can work on it as I'm familiar with kernel sound subsystem.

Comment 2 by Marek Belisko, Jun 23, 2018

Status: Started
Owner: marekb

Created: 5 months 26 days ago by Michael Mrozek

Updated: 5 months 17 days ago

Status: Started

Owner: Marek Belisko

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