Letux Makesd

Letux Makesd

This is a Subproject of the Letux project

SD Formatting Tool

This project provides a tool to format and fill SD card images with software from the GTA04 distribution so that you can use them on Letux supported devices.

Supported devices

  • PocketBeagle
  • Letux 2804 / GTA04
  • Letux 3704 / GTA04b2
  • Letux 7004 / GTA04b3
  • BeagleBoard + Openmoko LCD (b1)
  • BeagleBoard XM + Openmoko LCD (b1)
  • PandaBoard ES
  • OMAP5432EVM
  • Letux Cortex 8
  • Letux Cortex 15
  • Pyra-Handheld = Letux Cortex 15 + Pyra peripherals
  • OpenPandora
  • BeagleBone Black + 4.3 inch panel
  • Udoo neo
  • Letux 400 / Mipsbook 400

More to come. And let us know your proposals.

How to use

download (first install)

wget -O makesd "http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-makesd.git;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=makesd"
chmod +x makesd


curl -o makesd "http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-makesd.git;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=makesd"
chmod +x makesd

update to latest version

./makesd -u


DEV=/dev/sdc ./makesd debian-lxde

This command assumes that the raw device of your SD card reader is /dev/sdc.

If you run it on a GTA04 device, please use DEV=/dev/mmcblk0 (or 1).

Note that you can't overwrite the device that was booted from. So you need to boot a GTA04 device from NAND or eMMC (if available).

For more examples, see Examples.

available partition file systems

For a complete list, please check with Variants.

Please note that you can specify more than one variant until all 4 partitions are filled (some variants may need two partitions and must come first).


gta04 -- production image for all Letux 2804 / GTA04A2/3/4/5 boards in Openmoko Neo 1973 or Freerunner case
gta04b2 -- production image for all Letux 3704 boards
gta04b3 -- production image for all Letux 7004 boards
debian -- bootable rootfs partition with debian (no GUI)
debian-lxde -- bootable rootfs partition with debian and LXDE
quantumstep -- bootable rootfs partition with Quantumstep



Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller
Happy Crew
Christoph Mair
Rene Leitner
Lukas M

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