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Mar 12, 2017
14 days 13 hours boot: update DTBs to kernel letux-4.10.1
Commit 6255bb887447dd12c3f360729b04e9531decad8e, by Lukas Märdian
Nov 13, 2016
4 months 13 days boot: update DTBs for kernel v4.8.4
Commit 85b4806713ce328059ae7583bd31683e3eae1dc5, by Lukas Märdian
Sep 10, 2016
6 months 16 days load panel drivers for L2804, L3704 and L7004
Commit 262f88becd480b75f94b9348a752fcfbfee8b33d, by Lukas Märdian
Aug 28, 2016
6 months 26 days load_modules: load battery driver, depending on the device model
Commit 2e8ebe93925a731762b5c621db219745698c1572, by Lukas Märdian
6 months 26 days boot: udate DTBs for 4.7
Commit 73ed11d24552f148162669c5af49c942733346ce, by Lukas Märdian
6 months 26 days load_modules: fix USB/ADB on 4.7
Commit 75af39ec136f9b9709a38983ca1c1f22a1370e7a, by Lukas Märdian
Jul 31, 2016
7 months 23 days libsensors:itg3200: make it deliver some data on linux-4.6
Commit 4e5797537a7c225627d1d50cf84f97f9602b4455, by Lukas Märdian
7 months 23 days rootdir:boot: update linux-4.6 device-trees, to fix missing IRQs for gyro and compass
Commit 39c705b973a662ddfbd49a8ab6c2ae0044023be0, by Lukas Märdian
Jul 24, 2016
8 months 2 days sensors: re-enable itg3200 gyro and fix permission
Commit 94f352f26773271d6805c65b8c3c22eadbd2dbe4, by Lukas Märdian
Jun 18, 2016
9 months 8 days rootdir:dtb: add linux-4.6 device trees
Commit e551130ac3ccea8c3fba9c7b9b8721e4b3de0e5b, by Lukas Märdian
9 months 8 days fix installation of script
Commit d257a8b4c1fba00d2ffdf62df1be59946b459644, by Lukas Märdian
9 months 8 days hayes-ril:GTA04a4: improve modem-on-off logic
Commit cb49b34d2486272b30147fa8913c87c589ccfe8c, by Lukas Märdian
9 months 8 days keymapping: adopt makefile to renamed mapping files
Commit 52391ef87fb31dceb19a912ebdfc410cc04dd473, by Lukas Märdian
Jun 5, 2016
9 months 21 days rootdir:load_modules: load ehci (USB) driver prior to wwan-on-off
Commit abbe44ff72928fc4ddafb9845533acd3dc252d40, by Lukas Märdian
9 months 21 days hayes-ril:gta04: switch to a toggling approach on GTA04a4, as we cannot rely on the rfkill state provided by the wwan_on_off driver
Commit e03b8e082a88d0dc69da9448e3f203614c2bdbd6, by Lukas Märdian
Jun 4, 2016
9 months 22 days hayes-ril: gta04: improve rfkill modem power_on logic
Commit cce05a1aeaab198fe7bca1dcbcf22aba04339b0f, by Lukas Märdian
Apr 23, 2016
11 months 3 days load_modules: fix access permissions for polled input devices
Commit a7cc182b7ec60fc12f91b518a747a5f7fa1f6282, by Lukas Märdian
Mar 24, 2016
1 year 2 days modules: load sensor modules
Commit a59169136c19e982eed52e1017557d6335e7ab54, by Lukas Märdian
Mar 19, 2016
1 year 7 days modules: add (still) unused modules for reference
Commit a1526c99ac59dc817550b6e4386291e01961f381, by Lukas Märdian
1 year 7 days rootdir:boot: include Linux-4.5 device-trees into build env
Commit af6aac934bd66797a7d59b7b59929d5254533539, by Lukas Märdian

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