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blob .gitignore 3 years 9 months H. Nikolaus Schaller: fixed .gitigore for u-boot sources (was in wrong directory level so that path filters did not work correctly) 800 bytes
blob boards.cfg 1 year 7 months H. Nikolaus Schaller: renamed and extended GTA04 specific beagle board configs 75.52 kB
blob 2 years 10 months Khem Raj: config: Always use GNU ld 8.48 kB
blob COPYING 5 years 4 months Wolfgang Denk: Clarify applicable licensing terms in COPYING file. 16.40 kB
blob CREDITS 5 years 5 months Wolfgang Denk: barco: drop unsupported board configuration 12.41 kB
blob MAINTAINERS 5 years 2 months Lei Wen: Pantheon: Add Board Support for Marvell dkb board 21.21 kB
blob MAKEALL 5 years 5 months Prafulla Wadaskar: Armada100: Add Board Support for Marvell Aspenite-DB 16.04 kB
blob Makefile 3 years 3 months H. Nikolaus Schaller: made ext4 and new general ls/load commands work 40.72 kB
blob mkconfig 5 years 3 months Loïc Minier: Don't add symlink in srctree when using an objtree 3.62 kB
blob README 5 years 2 months Lei Wen: mv: seperate kirkwood and armada from common setting 152.15 kB
blob 5 years 7 months Wolfgang Denk: make sure we always create a .depend file 1.64 kB

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