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Jun 24, 2018
2 months 30 days News and version update for 0.7.7 release.
Jun 22, 2018
3 months 1 day Elliott pointed out that ping's been promoted, not needed in airlock list.
Jun 21, 2018
3 months 1 day Promote fmt to other
3 months 1 day Tweak fmt width calculation.
3 months 1 day Redo of fmt.c around loopfiles_lines() and understanding tab indents.
Jun 20, 2018
3 months 3 days The kernel's old kconfig had _shipped files, the new one should too, but until then install bison and flex. (Not yacc and lex, the kernel build is calling the propreitary versions.)
Jun 14, 2018
3 months 8 days More cut tests.
3 months 8 days Fix cut -DF as awk replacement by not matching delimiterless lines with -D
3 months 8 days Change do_lines() semantics to end with a callback(0,0) to indicate EOF, adjusting existing users.
3 months 8 days I tend to put extra parentheses around & because its precedence being slightly wonky was Dennis Ritche's one public regret about C (see https://www.lysator.liu.se/c/dmr-on-or.html).
3 months 9 days ping: support ping6 as a synonym for `ping -6`.
Commit 442f7a0c90b537c1af56c6ce7b3f40a0a47f822d, by Elliott Hughes
Jun 13, 2018
3 months 9 days ping: add -m, switch to xsetsockopt.
Commit 36772a1926beb55f6077d29484955ddbcee026d7, by Elliott Hughes
Jun 12, 2018
3 months 10 days top: remove flicker in interactive mode.
Commit 1e0dd35f3cfef45f3de9dc6819c85e7870a90aba, by Elliott Hughes
3 months 11 days top: running processes are shown in bold.
Commit 1683db07dd8ba6464fa3ee7220948f2681bbef33, by Elliott Hughes
Jun 11, 2018
3 months 11 days Add tests for file stdin behavior.
Commit 42ad032a945ff437bc032b0882fb0ce3386bc247, by Elliott Hughes
3 months 11 days Promote ping to toys/net
3 months 11 days Fix ping -f, add summary section, yank TOYFLAG_ROOTONLY.
Jun 9, 2018
3 months 13 days Show workaround for the kernel bug when ping hits it.
Jun 2, 2018
3 months 20 days Convert more ps help text to two columns.
3 months 20 days call strip as $STRIP
Commit 5efc1674a81ce1fd423ca8aac2ce3c02144751fc, by Francesco Valla

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