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short HOWTO for the indexed component wiki

in find an interesting component
and click on the pink bottom link in hovertext. Gets you to e.g.
Create an account so you may edit (you've noticed the page is 404), then go to and create the page for /Lights-Backlight/.
Then search upstream linux for any drivers you can find for that chip, and add name
and URLs/links to the wikipage

ideally use "edit" of another similar existing page as template (refer to resp

follow the structure in here on this page and on subindex pages like

add a new page to the subindex page first, this simplifies creating the page by simply
clicking on that link (with leading "+") in the subindex

refer to e.g. "(+) Sensors-Capture camera Capture button mechanical switch" in

suggested content::

    # type: Sensor Environment
    # location
    # component part number
    #I2C address:
    #linux driver source URLs:"

obviously please choose the right subcategory, instead of "Sensors" if you work
on e.g. a LED controller: -> "(+) Lights)"
then create copy of as
"Lights" sub-index and add your link to the particular LED controller
then click on the +link to create the component page with above sketched content

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by Joerg Reisenweber

Updated: 2 years 8 days ago
by Joerg Reisenweber

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