This is an USB driver for MacOS X to connect handheld devices like the Sharp Zaurus, Yopy, iPAQ, Motorola Linux phones, OpenMoko to MacOS X as an IP device via the USB cable. This allows to use telnet, ssh, SMB etc. to access the devices.

Note that this driver is not a complete Sync solution. Please refer to ZMacSync for such a (shareware) product for the Sharp Zaurus. The versions up to 0.2.8 for MacOS X up to 10.3 have originally been developed by Andreas Junghans.


  1. download the best fitting version (see below) from Downloads
  2. click on the installer package
  3. reboot your Mac so that the driver becomes loaded

Pease note the Installation Instructions. If your device is not supported yet (please check first!), you can edit the Info.plist file.


Please subscribe to the mailing list or the OESF forum.

Versions and Compatibility

There are different versions depending on the MacOS X version you are using.

MacOS X 10.11

  • no longer needed. Built-in driver by Apple is sufficient.

MacOS X 10.7

  • not tested but could work: Version 0.6.x

MacOS X 10.5/10.6 - Universal Binary:

  • Version 0.6.x

MacOS X 10.4/10.5 - Universal Binary:

  • Version 0.5.x

MacOS X 10.4 - PowerPC:

  • Version 0.3.x

MacOS X 10.3.5:

How to compile yourself

  1. Download the sources (older versions through Downloads)
  2. Open the Xcode project
  3. Build - will open a terminal
  4. There, type make install (will ask for admin password)


There is a bug either in the SMB server on the Zaurus or on the client side on the Mac that limits accessing a C3000 (only this model).

The background: SMB gives external access to /home/samba - which contains symbolic links to the internal HDD on the C3000. Although this works for reading files, you can't write files larger than approx. 2 MByte to the HDD. The reason is that free space is reported for the device which contains /home/samba and not the linked file system. So Finder thinks there is not enough free space.

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller

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