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Note: this is a commercial product and not open source.

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ZMacSync is a tool to easily remotely access Linux Handheld devices like the Sharp Zaurus and Openmoko mobile phone from Mac OS X. For some models this includes at least unidirectional synchronization of the Address Book, iCal calendars and to-do lists, as well as Stickies (notes) and the system clock. Synchronization is optimized so that only records are interchanged that are added, modified or deleted with as low data transformation loss as possible.


  • Runs on MacOS X 10.5 and later
  • Multi Device support added (tab through devices, individual Preferences)
  • Secure access of Zaurus through USB or WLAN by using ssh
  • Full Unicode support
  • Configurable
  • Automatic detection of Device connection status (hot-sync)
  • Supports Contacts, Events, Tasks (planned: Notes, Bookmarks) includes AJZaurusUSB driver for IP over USB
  • Send/Copy/Install files by Drag&Drop
  • Mount Zaurus file system in Finder (through USB only)
  • Clock synchronization (assuming precise NTTP time on the Macintosh)
  • Log window
  • Supports most Sharp Zaurus models with Sharp ROM (except 5800, A300)
  • Can also be used for Acer n30 with Letux and Openmoko devices


ZMacSync is Shareware, i.e. you can copy and redistribute the installer package but have to pay a fee to receive an enabler key (most functions are available without so that you can easily test the Shareware)

ZMacSync shows a reminding message on each sync that you please should purchase a Shareware Key. As soon as you purchase and install the key, this message will disappear. This also includes updates and upgrades.

The personal Key can be purchased at our shop and is distributed by E-Mail.

To install the key, open the About... dialog and select Purchase. Then, use the Add button to create a new entry. Copy&Paste the key from the email and Close.


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System Requirements

  • Sharp Zaurus (SL5500, SL5600 with ROM 3.10 or later, C7x0, C860, C1000, C3000, C3100, C3200 with ROM 1.2 or later, SL6000 with Sharp ROM)

    Note: does not work with Sharp ROM 2.3x or OpenZaurus or pdaXrom alternate systems, but with Cacko

  • Acer n30 with Letux Linux
  • Openmoko Neo1973 or Freerunner
  • Macintosh with MacOS X 10.4 or later
  • USB or WLAN connection

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller

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