This is the Freerunner RFID Board.


It brings a TI TRF7960 chip to read 13.65 MHz tags. Alternatively it can be populated by a M24LR64 RFID-Tag EEPROM.

The Reader is interfaced through SPI and operates from 2.7 - 5.5 V (1.8 - 5.5. V for I/O). Therefore it can be connected to other boards (e.g. BeagleBoard, OpenPandora) as well.

The EEPROM has a I2C interface from 1.8 - 5 V.

Dimensions are so that it can be installed in a Openmoko Freerunner in the gap over the SIM/SD reader.

The antenna can be produced as a flexible PCB and can be glued into the battery cover.


Download the Schematics.


Drivers are being worked on. First result is a low-level driver for U-Boot that finds ISO15693 tags.

The software is developed as a side-result of the GTA04 project. Therefore, we don't have our own repositories.

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