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AndroidAbout the Android version2013-11-14
BootHow to boot our kernel on different devices2020-12-05
BuildHow to Build the Letux Kernel from Source2018-02-14
CameraHow to control the camera2013-06-08
ContributeIf you want to contribute to this project2020-01-28
DebuggingTips and Tricks for Debugging2016-04-25
Devices-OverviewHow to control Devices from user space (command line)2013-09-15
DSPHow to access the DSP in the OMAP CPU2012-11-07
EthernetGadgetusing Ethernet Gadget to do IP connection and forwarding over USB cable2016-12-11
GPSHow to configure and use GPS2019-01-03
LEDsHow to control the LEDs2012-03-11
Letux-400about the kernel for Letux 400 (MIPS)2017-11-26
Mainline-StatusStatus of development kernel that is tracking mainline2016-05-27
Platformsdescribes which features on which platforms are supported2019-11-07
PowerHow to control battery and charging2019-01-04
Power-ManagementDevice power consumption2019-01-03
PPSGPS derived Pulse per Second for GTA04A52017-08-28
SensorsHow to access the Sensors2012-04-22
SoundHow to set ALSA mixer settings for speakers, headset, microphone etc.2013-02-15
SourcesWhere to find the source code2014-10-26
Udev-Rulesa list of useful udev rules2017-08-28
UpstreamStatusUpstream status for GTA042019-01-07
USBHow to configure and use OTG / USB2013-10-03
VideoHow to control the DSS outputs (LCD, TV-Out, DVI) and touch screen2013-09-02
Video-3DHow to access the 3D Video Accelerator2016-10-27

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