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Issue 714: bluetooth broken in 4.5rc2 (and probably also in 4.4)

Reported by Andreas Kemnade, Feb 2, 2016

# cat /usr/local/bin/bt-on.sh                                       
rfkill unblock bluetooth                                             
hciattach /dev/ttyO0 any 3000000 flow                                
root@gta04:~# bt-on.sh                                               
Device setup complete                                                
Starting bluetooth: bluetoothd.                                      
root@gta04:~# h[  376.611328] Bluetooth: hci0 command 0x1003 tx 
root@gta04:~# lsmod  | grep w2cb                                     
w2cbw003_bluetooth      2177  0                                      

no problem when wlan is on.

Comment 1 by Nikolaus Schaller, Feb 2, 2016

"no problem when wlan is on."

That is what I had planned to check.

If it is that way, there is either RESET or VAUX4 for the combined 
WLAN+BT modem wrong. I.e. if WLAN is off the complete module is 
either in reset state or powered off.

Maybe there was a recent change with sdio/mmc/wlan reset handling 
which affects only our combined module?

Comment 2 by Andreas Kemnade, Feb 3, 2016

reset handling is suspicious. That would also explain problems with 
wifi and suspend. I also compared
libertas_tf (cherry-picked the patch from my corresponding 4.3 
branch). Similar problems there.
According to sysfs, vaux4 is correctly switched on when
bluetooth is switched on.

Comment 3 by Nikolaus Schaller, Feb 13, 2016

Will be fixed in 4.5-rc4. The problem is the reset of the WLAN 
module is handled differently than a while before. It remains 
asserted if WLAN is not active.
Since the W2CBW003 has a shared reset for both WLAN and BT this 
simply keels the BT side in reset, even if it is powered on.
Status: Fixed

Created: 8 years 5 months ago by Andreas Kemnade

Updated: 8 years 5 months ago

Status: Fixed

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