Letux Kernel

Issue 862: ehci-omap power management

Reported by Andreas Kemnade, Feb 14, 2018

loading ehci-omap adds around 15 mA to suspend current.
seen in a lot of dt-based kernels

Comment 1 by Andreas Kemnade, Nov 4, 2018

phy problem. Phy needs to be set either enter low power mode or 
reset. The fix just resets the phy. It depends on the omap-ehci 
hwmod to loose its memories about the device state because it does 
not know it was reset. Currently this is done by forcing offmode. 
probably the patch bei Neil Brown in the same branch has to be 
Status: Fixed

Created: 6 years 4 months ago by Andreas Kemnade

Updated: 5 years 7 months ago

Status: Fixed