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Device power consumption

Power consumption of running GTA04

With screen off in idle it should be ~75mA, with screen on it should be ~200mA


Power consumption can also heavily reduced by letting uarts power down. They do not consume too much by themselves but might be the last user of some more power-hungry clocks. You can get below < 30mA idle current, depending on how much other stuff is active

Power consumption of GTA04 in suspend

During suspend all devices except modem and RAM should be turned off. Currently 3.5 kernel draws in this state ~25mA. This was tested with QtMoko v49. The numbers vary on your location and can be in interval 22..35mA.

Modem consumption

Modem should normally draw 3..10mA, but it can be a lot more when signal is bad.


Gyroscope consumption

6mA (at 2.8V) about 2-3 mA at battery voltage


Latest Discussion about Power Consumption


The following script can be used to measure power consumption.

It disables charging, suspends for 5 minutes and reports apparent power usage by monitoring the battery.