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Device power consumption

Power consumption of running GTA04

With screen off in idle it should be ~75mA, with screen on it should be ~200mA


Power consumption of GTA04 in suspend

During suspend all devices except modem and RAM should be turned off. Currently 3.5 kernel draws in this state ~25mA. This was tested with QtMoko v49. The numbers vary on your location and can be in interval 22..35mA.

Modem consumption

Modem should normally draw 3..10mA, but it can be a lot more when signal is bad.


Gyroscope consumption

6mA (at 2.8V) about 2-3 mA at battery voltage


Latest Discussion about Power Consumption


The following script can be used to measure power consumption.

It disables charging, suspends for 5 minutes and reports apparent power usage by monitoring the battery.