GTA04 Documentation

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CaseDesignAlternative Case Designs2019-06-07
SoftwareSoftware for GTA042016-07-01
FAQFrequently Asked Questions2015-05-19
EventsUpcoming Events where you can experience OpenPhoenux devices2015-03-26
VideosVideos about the GTA04 (and its making of)2015-02-14
SerialBootHow to start U-Boot over the serial line if neither NAND nor SD card works2015-02-06
NewsNews and Announcements of the GTA04 development2014-05-20
Supplierslist of hardware vendors including notes on factories, working conditions & resources2014-03-10
VersionsA list of the GTA04 versions developed and produced so far2013-12-12
FeatureListA detailled Feature List2013-09-18
PeopleSome People actively contributing2013-08-27
SystemManualCollect fixes and improvements for the next revision of the system manual2013-08-25
FactsAndReasonsFacts and Reasons why you should consider a GTA042013-04-22
FOSDEM2013World of OpenPhoenux @ FOSDEM 20132013-03-14
CommunityCommunity Resources2013-02-02
ManualUser Manual (includes the Schematics)2012-11-06
TroubleshootingTips and Tricks for Troubleshooting2012-09-29
CustomVariantsAbout customized Variants2012-04-17
ProjectManifestWhat this project is about2012-01-10
FirmwareInjectorDevelopment of a prototype for injecting immutable, non-free firmware into a WLAN SDIO chip2011-12-11

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