Download GTA04A5-Schematics

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GTA04A5 schematics.

What is different to GTA04A4?

  • the GPS receiver can provide a 1 second impulse to the CPU
  • the infrared receiver can be powered off together with RS232 (it was alternatively before)
  • some sensors have been upgraded to non-obsolete versions (e.g. BMP085 and BMA180 are EOL)
  • WLAN/BT power controlled through GPIOs (so that VAUX4 is unused)
  • 10-pin ZIF connector for external keyboard or other I2C devices
  • it is possible to use a new earpiece (from Knowles) so that we finally can offer a case kit
  • the GPS antenna switch has been redesigned
  • improved headset detection hardware
  • CPU will be always 1 GHz and bigger Memory
  • UMTS module may have newer firmware (tbc.)
  • there is a plan for a 3D printed case (approx. 50 EUR) with integrated pen for the touch
  • there will be 3D data (STEP) of the PCB and components so that you can design your own case around every bit and piece

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