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Frequently Asked Questions

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Primarily software related questions

Q: Is the processor fast enough for encrypted telephony?

A: It has not been proven yet, but it should be no problem. The call latency will probably increase.

Q: Is it practicable to use VOIP via UMTS? Because I think GSM has better roaming support.


Q: Is it possible to use Android 4.x on this hardware?

A: Yes. Someone needs to adapt the missing pieces. A good starting point is Android on the beagleboard.

Q: Will there be an "out-of-the-box" ready to use GTA04-phone for sale?

A: Probably yes. We are working on preinstalling a tested softare image.

Primarily firmware related questions

Q: Is the GTA04 GSM-chip supported by the OsmocomBB-project? Or asked differently: Is the GSM firmware also open-source?

A: No.

Primarily hardware related questions

Q: Are most of the ICs you use also "open hardware", for example the UMTS chip or the ARM processor?

A: The silicon structures or internal schematics are unknown (closed). The interface and a few bits of the inner working is known because all datasheets are available with tree exceptions: documentation for the UMTS modem, the WiFi module and the GPS module are only available under NDA.

Hardware design related questions

Q: Could it be possible in the near future to also implement an LTE-chip?

A: Not with the same hardware. The UMTS module is not upgradable, IMHO.