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News and Announcements of the GTA04 development

Major Milestones and Announcements

06 Mar 2012

A big leap forward: Case-Kit and 3D printed case

30 Jan 2012

The first GTA04A4 boards are really shipping.

14 Nov 2011

Announcement of the next batch (GTA04A4) to be available by End of December. Order here.

10 Oct 2011

  • shipment to Early Adopters started

19 Sep 2011

  • production of remaining GTA04A3 units started


07 Sep 2011

  • first phone calls
  • USB-OTG problems solved

20 Aug 2011

25 Jul 2011

  • first board completed with DM3730 and UMTS module
  • CPU and some peripherals are working
  • UMTS is working

16 Jun 2011

  • first two GTA04A3 board received from production (complete except UMTS module)
  • now fixing initialization software and testing everything
  • first result: 1 board boots; 1 does not

31 May 2011

  • CPU chips (DM3730CBP) arrived

20 Apr 2011

  • still waiting for PCBs and CPUs to arrive for SMD production
  • we have patched the GTA04A2 board so that it boots Linux (LXDE/Debian) - see Video 3

23 Mar 2011

  • memory chips arrived (MT29C4G96MAZAPCJG = 512 MByte RAM, 512 MByte NAND flash)
  • new PCB layout for the GTA04A3 done

25 Feb 2011

  • we have discussed and shown the GTA04A2 during FOSDEM 2011
  • some components for the Early Adopter units have arrived (e.g. UMTS modules); others are missing but ordered (Memory, CPU)
  • we are completely reworking the layout to (fundamentally) solve the power supply issues and to reduce risk of buzz, noise and other radio interference problems

19 Jan 2011

  • first engineering sample (GTA04A2) is working in PDA mode (U-Boot in NAND Flash) - see Video 1 and Video 2
  • has some issues in power supply to be fixed in GTA04A3
  • supply issue with PoP memory chips for OMAP3530DCBB
  • GTA04A3 is getting final PCB layout fine tuning
  • first components for production of GTA04A3 have already been ordered

Well, the project started in May 2008 but too many details to report.