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What this project is about

Project Manifest

Coming soon..

Still has to be written down in short, clear, easy to read sentences:

  • what it is all about (developing a mobile hardware platform "personal mobile tool" that you can really buy)
  • goals ("make the device transparent and not the user", robust, well documented, high-quality hardware, best feature set we can achieve and still buy small number of components without really big upfront payments)
  • values (freedom, openness, quality)
  • how we work (small hw-team, big sw-community, commercial partners for ISO9000 production)
  • whom we want to make happy (developers, users, everyone who likes to experiment and supports openness, researchers, small design houses)
  • what this project does not and can't deliver (UI software stacks, UMTS protocol hacking, information under NDA or information that we don't even have, cutting edge hardware, ├╝ber-geek-features)
  • how one can contribute (write high- and low-level software, use the device, report hardware bugs, propose new features, talk about it, study the schematics, community marketing)
  • for whom we do that (for us and all those who feel comfortable with our values, being professionals, students, researchers)
  • impresssum / company (

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