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Software for GTA04


To install the default Debian/LXDE image on a SD card, please refer to Debian Rootfs

Software Index

We run a database for all software for the OpenPhoenux (in modern words this would be called "Application Store"): Please use and contribute new entries.

User-Space & GUI:

  • QtMoko - is debian distribution for Openmoko Freerunner phone. Phone and user interface is based on QT Extendeded formerly known as Qtopia
  • SHR - a GNU/Linux based operating system for smartphones and similar mobile devices
  • Debian for GTA04 - a Debian & LXDE demo image with display, touch screen and networking preconfiguration
  • QuantumSTEP - Objective-C/GNUstep based GUI toolkit and Desktop/Palmtop application suite for Linux based devices
  • Replicant - a fully free Android port

Others like webOS, meego, AoF (Android for Freerunner), rowboat (Android for OMAP) are up to you to be ported. Please let us know if there is enough progress to add it to the above list.

Kernel & Boot

Please refer to these subprojects how to compile these components from scratch.

Other tools

  • GTA04 Tester - a Objective-C/Cocoa/GNUstep based software to test raw GTA04 boards connected through USB/Ethernet-Gadget/ssh