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  • The Torx is T6 and not T5


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Q: How to safely open the display connector without breaking it?

A: The display connector has a black part that is moveable. It can easily break if not operated properly. This means replacing the whole display connector (can be done in 5-10 minutes but needs special equipment). So it is better not to break it.

There are very small levers at the left and right end of the black moveable part directing to the display cable. These go a little further than the grey/white part.

Take the fingernails of both thumbs downwards and move them upwards in parallel. You will feel how the black part opens and is rotating along a horizontal axis. Stop if the black part is showing upright! Don't move the black part at one end only. This will break the black part out of the white one and it is impossible to install it back.


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Q: AT Commands What are these (and other) undocumented commands supposed to do?


A: There is no known source of information beyond that the modem tells by AT+CLAC that it knows about them. They may do something important or may simply be disabled by firmware and just exist in the modem's command table.