Letux Makesd

Letux Makesd

This is a Subproject of the Letux project

SD Formatting Tool

This project provides a tool to format and fill SD card images with software from the GTA04 distribution so that you can use them on Letux supported devices.

Supported devices

  • PocketBeagle
  • Letux 2804 / GTA04
  • Letux 3704 / GTA04b2
  • Letux 7004 / GTA04b3
  • BeagleBoard (+ Openmoko LCD b1)
  • BeagleBoard XM (+ Openmoko LCD b1)
  • TI PandaBoard ES
  • TI OMAP5432EVM
  • Letux Cortex 8
  • Letux Cortex 15
  • Pyra-Handheld = Letux Cortex 15 + Pyra peripherals
  • OpenPandora
  • BeagleBone Black + 4.3 inch panel
  • Udoo neo
  • Letux 400 / Mipsbook 400
  • Kobo Clara / Tolino Shine 3
  • Imagination / Ingenic CI20
  • PinePhone
  • Atmel SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra (rev.B)

More to come. And let us know your proposals.

How to use

download (first install)

wget -O makesd "https://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-makesd.git;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=makesd"
chmod +x makesd


curl -L -o makesd "https://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-makesd.git;a=blob_plain;hb=HEAD;f=makesd"
chmod +x makesd

update to latest version

./makesd -u

setup your default SD card device (please double check!)

echo /dev/sdc >~root/.makesd.conf

This command assumes that the raw device of your SD card reader is /dev/sdc.

WARNING: please be careful to choose the right device or you can destroy all data on a device that you did not intend to overwrite! And note that device names might be dynamic on some systems.

If you want to override the default, prefix the makesd command by "DEV=/dev/${your-sd-reader} ./makesd". If you run it on a GTA04 device, please use "DEV=/dev/mmcblk0" (or 1) to access the built-in mmc card reader.

Note that you can't overwrite the device that was booted from. So you need to boot a GTA04 device from NAND or eMMC (if available).

run (as root)

./makesd debian-lxde

For more examples, see Examples.

available partition file systems

For a complete list, please check with Variants.

Please note that you can specify more than one variant until all 4 partitions are filled (some variants may need two partitions and must come first).


gta04 -- production image for all Letux 2804 / GTA04A2/3/4/5 boards in Openmoko Neo 1973 or Freerunner case
gta04b2 -- production image for all Letux 3704 boards
gta04b3 -- production image for all Letux 7004 boards
debian -- bootable rootfs partition with debian (no GUI)
debian-lxde -- bootable rootfs partition with debian and LXDE
quantumstep -- bootable rootfs partition with Quantumstep



Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller
Happy Crew
Christoph Mair
Rene Leitner
Lukas M

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