Letux Makesd


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Command line examples with explanation

Here you can find command line examples with explanation.

./makesd gta04

make a production image (LXDE) for the GTA04 (Letux 2804)

./makesd panda-es

make an image for the Pandaboard ES (LXDE)

./makesd pandora

make an image for the OpenPandora (LXDE)

./makesd replicant

make latest replicant (boots on L2804, L3704, L7004)

./makesd pandora -r quantumstep

make an image with QuantumSTEP for the OpenPandora

./makesd all

make a 4-system (Debian, QtMoko, Replicant, QuantumSTEP) combo image where you can choose the system through the boot loader menu (boots on L2804, L3704, L7004)

./makesd -v latest quantumstep

make a card with latest Quantumstep and latest mainline kernel (boots on L2804, L3704, L7004)

./makesd —debug -v latest pyra -f1 replicant

use latest kernel and replace the Debian/LXDE in partition 2 with replicant (boots up to the root@android:/ # prompt) for the OMAP5432EVM

DEV=/dev/sdx ./makesd gta04 -f1 -s 10

increase size of first partition to 10%