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Synopsis (--help)

useage: [DEV=/dev/device] makesd [--dry --debug --help -- update] [partition1 [partition2 [partition3 [partition4]]]]"

  DEV=/dev/device - specify the raw device (not the partitions), e.g. /dev/sdc
  general options:

    --debug -- print internal activities and status
    --dry -- dry run (don't touch SD card)
    --help -- print this help
    -i | --no-format -- install only
    -u | --update -- selfudate
    -a -- list all macros

    format (starts next partition):
    -f fat
    -f ext3
    -f ext4
    -f none
    -f[0-4] switch to given partition - note that another -f will increment by 1
    -F      go back one partition so that we can specify a macro that contains a -f
    -s size define relative size
    -p sector   force start of partition to a specific sector
    -b[dir] version
    -b none
    device tree files:
    -d[dir] version
    -d none
    -k[dir] version
    -k none
    -m version
    -m none
    config patches:
    -c none
    root file system (OS):
    -r none
    -r debian
    -r lxde
    -r quantumstep
    -r replicant
    -r qtmoko
    -r pyra
    -v variant -- choose different variant for -r (default is 'latest')
    -A architecture -- choose different architecture variant

    macros for single partition cards:
      debian-lxde = -f ext4 -r lxde -d all -k latest -m latest -c latest
      qtmoko = -f ext4 -r qtmoko -d all -k latest (does not need config)
      replicant = -f ext4 -d all -r replicant-4.2 (has its own kernel)
      quantumstep = -f ext4 -r quantumstep -d all -k latest -m latest -c latest

    macros for multiple partitions (to create bootable production image SD card):
      gta04 | l2804 = -f fat -b latest debian-lxde
      gta04one | gta04a5 = -f fat -b latest/GTA04A5 debian-lxde
      gta04b2 | l3704 = -f fat -b latest/b2 debian-lxde
      gta04b3 | l7004 = -f fat -b latest/b3 debian-lxde
      gta04b7 | neo900 = -f fat -b latest/b7 debian-lxde
      bb = -f fat -b latest/ beagleboard debian-lxde
      bbb = -f fat -b latest/ beagleboardblack debian-lxde
      panda-es = -f fat -b latest/panda-es debian-lxde
      pyra = -f fat -b latest/ pyra pyra-os
      openpandora = -f fat -b latest/ openpandora debian-lxde
      all = debian-lxde qtmoko replicant quantumstep

  ./makesd -- makes a single-partition LXDE image
  ./makesd debian-lxde -- also makes a LXDE image
  ./makesd replicant -- makes a single partition replicant image
  ./makesd all -- makes a 4-partition card
  ./makesd gta04 -- makes the latest stable production (recovery) image for the GTA04 (includes boot loader)
  ./makesd gta04 -f1 -b GTA04/2015-10-25 -- makes the latest image for the GTA04 but use U-Boot from 2015-10-25
  ./makesd gta04 -d letux-4.10.4 -k letux-4.10.4 -m letux-4.10.4-- replace DT, kernel and modules by specific version
  ./makesd pyra -c none -r http://download.goldelico.com/letux-debian-rootfs/latest-pyra.tbz -- install latest PyraOS
  ./makesd -v unstable gta04 -- makes an unstable production image
  ./makesd -v unstable gta04 -f1 quantumstep -- makes an unstable production image but with quantumstep rootfs
  ./makesd -v 20141006-GTA04-beta-3.17.0-wheezy-7.6 l3704 -- makes the specified version for the Letux 3704
  DEV=/dev/sdd ./makesd --dry -- does a dry run on /dev/sdd (instead of sdc)
  ./makesd -u -- self-update
  DEV=/dev/sdd ./makesd omap5432evm -f1 -b OMAP5432-uEVM/2016-05-10 -k letux-4.8-rc6 -d letux-4.8-rc6 -f2 -m letux-4.8-rc6 xfce
  DEV=/dev/sdb ./makesd pyra -f1 -k letux-4.11-rc4 -d letux-4.11-rc4 -v 20170401-jessie-8.7 debian-lxde -m etux-4.11-rc4

Created: 9 years 6 months ago
by Nikolaus Schaller

Updated: 6 years 10 months ago
by Nikolaus Schaller

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