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Synopsis (--help)

useage: DEV=/dev/device makesd [partition1 [partition2 [partition3 [partition4]]]]

DEV=/dev/device - specify the raw device (not the partitions), e.g. /dev/sdc partition: format (starts next partition): -f fat -f ext3 -f ext4 -f none -f[1-4] -- switch to given partition -s size -- define relative size bootloader: -b -b none -b gta04 -b gta04b2 -b gta04b3 -b gta04b7 -b pandaboard -b omap5evm kernel: -k -k none -k 3.17-rc7 modules (must come after kernel): -m none -m 3.17-rc7 device tree files (mst come after kernel): -d omap3-gta04a2 -d -d '*' root file system (OS): -r -r none -r debian-lxde -r debian-minimal -r quantumstep -r replicant-4.2 -r qtmoko config patches: -c -c none -c debian-wheezy abbreviations for single partition cards: debian-lxde = -f ext4 -r debian-lxde -d all -k latest -m latest -c debian-wheezy qtmoko = -f ext4 -r qtmoko -d all -k latest (does not need config) replicant = -f ext4 -d all -r replicant-4.2 (has its own kernel) quantumstep = -f ext4 -r quantumstep -d all -k latest -m latest -c debian-wheezy abbreviations for multiple partitions (to create bootable production image flash card): l2804 = -f fat -b gta04 debian-lxde l3704 = -f fat -b gta04b2 debian-lxde l7004 = -f fat -b gta04b3 debian-lxde neo900 = -f fat -b gta04b7 debian-lxde pandaboard = -f fat -b pandaboard debian-lxde pyra = -f fat -b pyra debian-lxde all = debian-lxde qtmoko replicant quantumstep