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This describes the list of partition variants that are supported.


The makes tool allows to download and install multiple partitions on a SD card so that you can install and multi-boot to different operating systems through the boot loader menu.


Variants are named by one keyword, but might recursively expand to several partition descriptions. This allows e.g. to format a production image for the gta04b2 by just specifying this name. It will expand into a FAT boot partition with MLO, X-Loader, kernel and an ext rootfs partition with the root file system that can be used for flashing the NAND:

list of variants (each of these keywords stands for a partition)

  • gta04 - MLO, X-Loader, u-boot for gta04 (FAT)
  • gta04b2 - MLO, X-Loader, u-boot for gta04b2 (FAT)
  • gta04b3 - MLO, X-Loader, u-boot for gta0b3 (FAT)
  • gta04b4 - MLO, X-Loader, u-boot for gta04b4 (FAT)
  • gta04b7 - MLO, X-Loader, u-boot for gta04b7 (FAT)
  • debian - basic debian rootfs (ext)
  • lxde - LXDE debian rootfs (ext)
  • replicant - Replicant 4.2 rootfs (ext)
  • quantumstep - QuantumSTEP rootfs (ext)
  • beagleboneblack
  • beagleboard
  • beagleboardxm
  • openpandora
  • pandaboard
  • omap5432
  • pyra
  • udoo
  • lenny400
  • letux-400
  • pinephone-1.0 - only Developer variant 1.0
  • odroid-m1
  • none - skipped and not formatted
  • fat - empty FAT partition (e.g. for data)
  • ext - empty ext partition (e.g. for data)
  • -k kernel - the kernel to be used
  • ...


you can specify

  • version to be used (latest, unstable, )
  • size of partition

For a full command list, see https://git.goldelico.com/?p=letux-makesd.git;a=blob;f=makesd#l78

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by Nikolaus Schaller

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