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Mar 15, 2015
9 years 3 months remove older (device specific) versions from repository
9 years 3 months added -p option to specify the sector where a partition should start; fixed partition size/total size calculations accordingly; improved debugging/error handling for partition size calculations
Feb 19, 2015
9 years 4 months openpandora: fixed wrong order of things to be installed
Feb 16, 2015
9 years 4 months added bb+b7 (Neo900 prototype)
Feb 6, 2015
9 years 5 months added support for installing uEnv.txt (needed for BeagleBone Black)
Feb 5, 2015
9 years 5 months fixed unplanned duplication of rootfs and device tree files to wrong partition
Feb 3, 2015
9 years 5 months allow to install pyra-os
9 years 5 months pass different tar options for unpacking tbz vs. tgz rootf packages
9 years 5 months fixed bug in location for bootargs.scr
9 years 5 months clear installation references only by -f none so that -F -f ext4 does propagate previous definitions
9 years 5 months added -F option incl. range check
Jan 31, 2015
9 years 5 months makesd: fixed bug that did install the bootargs.scr in the wrong place
Jan 29, 2015
9 years 5 months added plain beagleboard without expansion board
Jan 27, 2015
9 years 5 months added optional subdirectory definition for -b -k -d for better control where boot files are installed
Jan 8, 2015
9 years 6 months fixed missing copy of device tree files to boot partition for gta04/l2804
9 years 6 months improve detection of mmc reader slots which need a "p"artition suffix
9 years 6 months check for destination device improved
9 years 6 months should make it work on card readers which add a "p" to the partition name
9 years 6 months send all errors and debug messages to stderr (so that we can pipe the result of fetch); disable the warning for cylinder mismatch from sfdisk; automatically detect the kernel version and run depmod on the installed modules
Jan 6, 2015
9 years 6 months show general options; allow -f[0-4] because another -f increments by 1; dont install modules and config for qtmoko and replicant; fixed Pyra variant; create a copy of u-boot.bin -> u-boot.img; added a note to run depmod -a

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