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Nov 13, 2016
7 years 8 months prepare for using a mapping table to allow to print list of known macros
Oct 11, 2016
7 years 9 months update for U-Boot download paths to match letux-2016.09 U-Boot
Sep 20, 2016
7 years 9 months print a summary showing what will be loeded into which partition
Sep 19, 2016
7 years 9 months fix macro "openpandora" to install the correct boot.scr
7 years 9 months fix download location for quantumstep rootfs image
7 years 9 months replace useage message by here-document
Sep 17, 2016
7 years 9 months add new makesd.conf file to define the default for DEV if not explicitly specified
Sep 16, 2016
7 years 9 months pass -a for fsck since vfat sometimes reports 0x41: Dirty bit is set
7 years 9 months fix new quesion of mke2fs if it already finds a file system
Mar 19, 2016
8 years 3 months separate pyra and pyra+lc5
Mar 4, 2016
8 years 4 months fix link to pyra-os; install pyra-os for pyra+lc15
Oct 25, 2015
8 years 8 months adapt to new server layout: letux instead of gta04; clear separation between kernel, u-boot and rootfs; add xfce as option; use latest instead of unstable by default
Jun 17, 2015
9 years 26 days fixed an issue with fetch() if file is not found (was writing empty destination file)
9 years 26 days allow to add swap partitions
9 years 26 days made fetch() independent of existence of /dev/fd/ when piping results into tar
9 years 26 days recognize openpandora | pandora
9 years 26 days remove -c option from fdisk call because it is not available on Openpandora Angstrom system
9 years 26 days check if partprobe exists on system; if not just wait 2 seconds
9 years 26 days make usage list more abbreviations like beagle board or openpandora
May 8, 2015
9 years 2 months removed -D, -H, -S, -C parameters from sfdisk call because they are not used and newer sfdisk does not provide them any more

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