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Dec 1, 2016
7 years 6 days mrep: embrace all build actions to optionally report a result by mail
7 years 6 days mrep: fix issue with javac version patch; correctly detect existence of envsetup.sh; ask before wiping out the tree
Nov 29, 2016
7 years 8 days mrep: allow to run on download server by fixing some file paths
7 years 8 days mrep: with new remote repo we do no longer need GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY
7 years 8 days use latest location for Replicant remote manifest
Nov 28, 2016
7 years 9 days mrep: add new -C option to wipe out the whole working tree
7 years 9 days remove mrep script from this branch
7 years 9 days remove mrep script from this branch
7 years 9 days remove manifests from this branch and keep the mrep script only
7 years 9 days mrep: rename optional local manifest to match documentation
Nov 27, 2016
7 years 10 days make "-v version" work; make -r always fetch latest manifest; improve detection of download server; fix issue with https certificate
7 years 10 days mrep: add -B option; update replicant server address for repo init; prepare for handling Replicant 6
Nov 13, 2016
7 years 24 days local_manifests: upgrade kernel to v4.8.4
Commit ddd0dc657bf4a755ca1be7324e3a9005a19ad9ef, by Lukas Märdian
Aug 28, 2016
7 years 3 months local_manifest: change gta04-replicant.git branch to 'next'
Commit a9facf5b66a85403c199e2ed864b190d1a3481f0, by Lukas Märdian
7 years 3 months manifest: switch to linux-4.7
Commit 0fcc90756ed646b52c18f4a8cc3f3fb2af005136, by Lukas Märdian
Aug 6, 2016
7 years 4 months mrep: fix suggested name for sparsebundle; fix download location of repo tool
7 years 4 months mrep-4.2: add new options, e.g. sending an e-mail about progress or defining the name of the outfile; prepared to build on OS X 10.11 and Xcode 7.3
Jun 18, 2016
7 years 5 months local_manifest: pin ḱernel to v4.6 for now
Commit 24e346fa662b19e884d076ca76b82645e4aa3b1d, by Lukas Märdian
7 years 5 months local_manifests:4.2: define branches for the next (unstable) android/replicant build
Commit fcddb55b3055ce323b7f87f36888ff447e7f669c, by Lukas Märdian
May 1, 2016
7 years 7 months local_manifests: switch goldelico remote to github mirror, as the git:// protocol seems to be broken on the goldelico server
Commit 18c89ff2b9c35b51ba611c929d181d6a8bb6c4b1, by Lukas Märdian

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