GTA04 Tester

GTA04 Tester


This is a test tool that runs on Mac OS X (maybe later on to test a GTA04 board or device that becomes connected through USB. It is recommended to install the AJZaurusUSB driver as well as it fixes some issues with Ethernet interface addressing when swapping boards.

Test procedure

The test procedure is shown in this video:

A test needs approx. 5 minutes.

Test coverage

Test coverage isn't 100% of course since we can't automaticaly test the UMTS radio transmission without antenna.

testednot tested
  • Battery management
  • LEDs
  • CPU, RAM
  • MMC / SD slot and card
  • internal USB
  • UMTS module AT command interface, IMSI
  • WLAN, BT access and basic reception, MAC addresses
  • GPS UART interface
  • Sensors (either I2C driver responses or I2C detect)
  • test sound to earpiece and speakers (if connected to board)
  • buttons (AUX and Power)
  • RS232 driver
  • optional IrDA
  • optional Camera
  • GPS antenna switch and sensitivity (time to first fix)
  • UMTS radio
  • WLAN, Bluetooth sensitivity
  • Headset, Headset Microphone
  • FM Transceiver
  • Sensors (accuracy, offset etc.)
  • optional Torch / Flash
  • optional Ambient light sensor
  • Display
  • Touch screen
  • TV-Out
  • HDQ (coulomb counter in battery pack)

Other projects

Lukas Märdian has started a clone using GTK and Vala:

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller

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