Letux U-Boot

Letux U-Boot

This is a Subproject of the GTA04 and Openmoko Beagle Hybrid

U-Boot for Openmoko Beagle/Panda Hybrid

This project provides a bootloader for the Openmoko Beagle Hybrid and the GTA04 (and its variants GTA04b2...).

It is based on the master branch of the official U-Boot git and we regularily merge their lastest changes. See also http://omappedia.org/wiki/Bootloader_Project.

It follows these principles:

  • based on mainline U-Boot
  • adds a handfull of private commands
  • KISS (keep it simple and stupid)
  • is configured through boot.scr
  • by supporting the framebuffer base address, splash and menu images can be loaded from boot media
  • allows for touch screen detection - and graphical boot menu
  • we aim for full integration into the mainstream U-Boot


  • supports a Touch-Screen based Boot-Menu
  • can scan up to 4 partitions on the SD card for different operating systems (multi-boot)
  • allows to test LEDs, Buttons, TSC2007, GPS
  • handle LCM, Backlight
  • define a framebuffer address
  • query mux settings
  • query and change GPIO settings
  • test GPS receiver and other components
  • adds NewCommands


Usage instructions


Please refer to GTA04 Rootfs for installation instructions of a complete distribution (U-Boot, Kernel, Debian).

Compile from Source

see Build


Please report bugs in the Issue Tracking secion. If you have developed patches (git format-patch), please send them through e-mail for review.

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