LetuxOS U-Boot


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List of new U-Boot commands

new uBoot commands

  • led in[it] - setup GPIOs
  • led ge[t] - get button status
  • led se[t] hh - set LEDs to lower 4 bit
  • led se[t] - increment last state, i.e. make LEDs count
  • led mi[rror] - read button status and mirror to LEDs until a key is pressed
  • led bl[ink] - blink LEDs

  • lcm in[it] - initialize subsystem (DSS, GPIOs etc.)

  • lcm ba[cklight] dd - set backlight level (0..255)
  • lcm po[wer] dd - set power level (0..2)
  • lcm on - set lcm on
  • lcm of[f] - set lcm off

To be Done:

  • gps on | of[f] - control GPS receiver (and initialize UART)
  • gps re[ad] - read GPS NMEA from UART until a key is pressed

  • tsc init - initialize/enable TSC2007 through I2C2

  • tsc get - read current ADC values (incl. internal temp and AUX/photosensor)
  • tsc lo[op] - read x/y coordinates
  • tsc ch[oose] - somehow allow to define receptive fields and use the result to select different boot options


can uBoot load bitmap files from the boot-partition directly to the framebuffer of the LCM?

if yes: a) load splash.bmap screen from MMC while waiting to break into uBoot console b) load menu.bmap background image (so we can use icons etc.) and combine with 'tsc choose' to provide a simple but nice boot-menu

General ToDo:

integrate/rebase on official uBoot as soon as the patches by Khasim are approved.


manage variants for GTA04E expansion board and real GTA04 board (have some differences in initialization, PIN MUX and assignment of signals)