GTA04 X-Loader

GTA04 X-Loader


This is a subproject for the first stage bootloader of the GTA04.

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Booting on OMAP

Booting on the OMAP3 is done in this order:

  1. ROM (loads a binary from NAND, MMC, USB, UART3 into 64k SRAM)
  2. X-Loader (loaded by ROM; loads U-Boot from NAND, MMC, USB, UART3 into SDRAM)
  3. U-Boot (loaded by X-Loader; allows user-interaction; loads Linux kernel)
  4. Linux-Kernel (loaded by U-Boot)

X-Loader versions

So this project is about X-Loader. There are three (plus one) versions:

  1. X-Loader: this is for being stored in NAND and loads U-Boot from NAND
  2. MLO: this is for being stored on MMC/SD and loads loads U-Boot from MMC/SD
  3. SLO: this is for being transmitted through UART3 using the pserial protocol and loads U-Boot through UART3 using the ukermit protocol; prese refer to how it works
  4. SMON: (serial monitor) does not load any U-Boot but allows to inspect and test external SDRAM memory, GPIO, PinMux etc. for early stage debugging

Our X-Loader is based on

Booting over serial

Please see SerialBoot

Building from Source

See HowToCompile

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller
Julius Bünger
Happy Crew
Christoph Mair

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