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Recovery through SLO (Serial X-Loader)


SLO is a early stage boot loader that can be loaded by the OMAP Boot ROM over a serial line (UART3) into SRAM and even works if NAND and MMC/SD cards fail.

After loading, it waits for U-Boot to be loaded through the ukermit protocol to SDRAM.


  1. Set up serial connection
  2. Check that the CPU prints a message like "40V" on the serial console. Technically this is the first data record sent from the Boot ROM and indicates that the Boot ROM is waiting for data to arrive. This may need to press some User button to change the boot order.
  3. Start pserial on the host to send uart-loader.bin
  4. Reset the device and reboot so that the "40V" is sent to pserial
  5. start ukermit to send u-boot.bin
  6. after transfer succeeded, switch to terminal mode and you should be at the U-Boot console. Then, you can read/write the MMC/SD cards and flash standard X-Loader to NAND.

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