Letux 400 Debian Rootfs

Letux 400 Debian Rootfs

This is a Subproject of Letux

Letux 400

The Letux 400 is a small and lightweight (ca. 670 g) notebook with 7 inch WVGA screen, WiFi and a full QWERTY keyboard and contains a MIPS compatible processor from Ingenic. The dimensions are DIN A5. The hardware was originally develped by SkyTone and available with many different brands (and there are also variants with different processors). The Letux 400 is one of the rare models available with the MIPS architecture (Ingenic JZ4730).


  • full base install of Debian Lenny for MIPSEL
  • compatible to the Linux kernel from our sister project Letux 400 Kernel
  • can be installed on a two-partition SD card to boot Debian Lenny (or Ubuntu) from a SD card
  • drivers for built-in WiFi, CDC Ethernet, external Bluetooth dongle already configured
  • can be easily extended and adapted by apt-get (locate packages through Debian Projects)
  • there is a minifs variant to be used as the recovery system

How to install

  1. Download the binaries (uImage, modules.tgz, rootfs etc.) from the Download section
  2. Create a SD card (a USB memory key could also work but we have not tested) with two partitions (the first one should have 8 MB). You can use the makesd card script as an example (BEWARE: if you don't adapt it to your system you may wipe out and ruin your hard disk!).
  3. Copy uImage to the first partition.
  4. Extract the rootfs and the config to the second (ext3) partition.
  5. Extract the kernel modules to the second partition

completion on Letux 400

  1. insert SD into Letux 400, connect Ethernet
  2. Press the Fn+ Left-Shift while powering up. This washes out the screen for a moment and shows a small Tux in the top left corner. The boot messages should also appear.
  3. login as 'root'
  4. enable Ethernet by ifup eth0
  5. to upgrade and install some important packages, run ./postinst
  6. apt-get install whatever you need

You can find the sources of the postinst script here: http:source/tree/master/config/root/postinst

How to use

  • boot the system from SD by pressing Fn + Left-Shift while powering up. The console login is 'root' with no password.
  • enable networking

WARNING: Don't press the Ctrl key together with Fn + Left-Shift to boot! This will additionally copy the 2.6 kernel into the NAND flash. Afterwards, you can't boot from NAND to the original system. To recover from such a mistake, please refer to http://projects.goldelico.com/p/letux-400-jtag/

  • enable ethernet by ifup eth0
  • enable WiFi by ifup eth1
  • setup to connect a Openmoko Freerunner through CDC Ethernet over USB is described in the [Openmoko Wiki][OpenmokoUSB].
  • Install additional packages with apt-get install or any packet manager you like.


  • Kernel Project
  • Hardware description and reverse engineering - http://projects.kwaak.net/twiki/bin/view/Epc700/WebHome
  • Mailing List - http://lists.goldelico.com/mailman/listinfo/lenny400

Where to buy

You can buy a Letux 400 at a ridiculously low price through Handheld Linux or kernel concepts.

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller

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