Letux 400 Debian Rootfs


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How to Bootstrap Debian Lenny

How the rootfs in the bootstrap directory was built

a) compile Linux 2.6 kernel and modules with Ruben's patches

b) install uImage on 1st partition (8MB is sufficient)

c) install 3MX debian etch rootfs on 2nd partition (should be at least 1 GB)

d) install the kernel modules on 2nd partition

e) boot on Letux 400

f) open Terminal

g) vi /etc/network/interfaces and uncomment the entries for eth0

h) connect to LAN and ifup eth0

i) apt-get upgrade (to get rid of GPG error message)

j) apt-get update

k) apt-get install debootstrap

l) mkdir /lenny

m) debootstrap lenny /lenny http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian

n) be happy to see "base system installed successfully"

o) mount proc -t proc /lenny/proc

p) mount sysfs -t sysfs /lenny/sys

q) cp -r /lib/modules /lenny/lib

r) chroot /lenny

s) exit

t) tar cvjf bootstrapped-rootfs.tbz /lenny

You have to do this only if you want to rebuild the bootstrapped-rootfs.tbz yourself. Usually you would prefer to download it from our server.

Created: 14 years 2 months ago
by Nikolaus Schaller

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by Nikolaus Schaller

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