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How to use the system

Power on

Just press the power button to boot the kernel from NAND flash.

If you want to boot the kernel from SD card, press Fn + Left-Shift before powering up and keep it pressed until the penguin appears (approx. 1 second).

WARNING: Don't press Fn + Left-Shift + Ctrl to boot! This will copy the 2.6 kernel into the NAND flash and afterwards, you can't boot from NAND to the original system. To recover from such a mistake, please refer to http://download.goldelico.com/letux-400-jtag/

Boot Modifier Keys (this is a feature of the kernel)

You can press these keys right before pressing the power button. But you have approx. 5 seconds time left after the penguin appears.

  • F1: boot from first SD partition (/dev/mmcblk0p1, ext3)
  • F2: boot from second SD partition (/dev/mmcblk0p2, ext3)
  • F3: boot minifs from internal partition (/dev/mtdblock3, jffs2)
  • F4: boot from internal partition (/dev/mtdblock4, yaffs2)
  • Fn: boot from second SD partition (/dev/mmcblk0p2, ext3) (kernel was booted from SD on Fn+Ctrl+LeftShift)
  • none: boot from internal partition (/dev/mtdblock4, yaffs2)

Debian Modifier Keys

  • Ctl-Alt-F1..F6 switch between tty1 and tty6 console
  • Ctl-Alt-F7 switches to X11 window (if running)
  • Ctl-Alt-F10 opens a Menu
  • ? dim backlight
  • ? wakeup
  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete ask system to shutdown/reboot
  • Power Button: ask system to shutdown/reboot - if pressed more than 5 seconds, power off is enforced


The LEDs are from left to the right:

  • "Phone" symbol: means power is connected
  • "": not used
  • "Light Bulb": power is on
  • "1 Lock": Num-Lock
  • "A Lock": Shift-Lock
  • "arrow-Lock": Wifi On

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