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How to disassemble a Mipsbook like the Letux 400 to get to the Test Interface



  1. Philips screwdriver PH0
  2. standard screwdriver ca. 3mm
  3. fingers


  1. open all screws (there 1 one under the QC label!) incl. the battery cover
  2. unplug and remove the battery
  3. open the lid
  4. on the keyboard, move the 4 hooks you find in the gap between the keys ESC, F5, F9, Delete and the keypad frame. Move them towards the display. Make sure that you do not bend the keybord or remove any keycap (it is very difficult to re-install a keycap).
  5. lift the keypad module and unplug the keyboard connector
  6. remove the keypad module
  7. open the gap between the keyboard bay and the bottom part
  8. softly open the connector to the touch pad
  9. open the display to 90 degrees and press together the black U-shaped parts around the hinges until they unlock from the keyboard bay
  10. softly pull the keyboard bay horizontaly (parallel to the bottom cover) until it can be removed. It is mainly hold by 4 snaps left and right of the RJ45 and power connectors
  11. tilt the display to 45 degrees closed and push off the U-shaped covers with the thumb from inside
  12. remove the FFC for the mouse buttons PCB
  13. open the 4 silver screws that mount the display hinges and the PCB (be careful not to break the cables)
  14. now you can remove the combined display-PCB assembly by lifting it to the right side (the one with 2xUSB) and pulling out to the right. Now you can access the bottom components (Backup Battery CR1220 or Test Port connector etc.)
  15. if needed, you can unplug the connections between display and PCB
  16. you can then remove the main board


Do it in reverse order

List of screws

  • n x short black - 2x PCB
  • n long black - where?
  • 4 x silver big - Display Hinge

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