Letux 400 JTAG


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The part numbers required for building the JTAG adapter

FFC cable

MOLEX - 98266-0259

ZIF connector

HIROSE - FH12-24S-0.5SH(55)


see downloads for EAGLE board file

Pin Headers

Mounting the adapter board to the Openmoko Debug Board needs:

  • 2x10 pin, 2.54 mm header + socket
  • 2x5 pin, 2.54 mm header + socket

Debug Board

Openmoko Debug Board v3

Although the Debug Board is thought for ARM processors, JTAG is not specific. The Openmoko Debug Board uses a FTDI chip to control a serial (RS232) interface and JTAG through USB. And, there are Linux drivers available. OpenOCD is a software to do the debugging.

So we think that we can use it...

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