Letux 400 Kernel 2.6.x

Letux 400 Kernel 2.6.x

This is a Subproject of Letux

Please note that this project is to be absorbed by the general letux-kernel project http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/ as soon as we have some device-tree based jz4730 code.


  • David Boddie has provided updates up to 2.6.30-rc4


  • The kernel sources have been merged into the Letux-kernel project:


  • There is a new discussion to add jz4730 support for Linux 4.0ff:


Letux 400

The Letux 400 is a small and lightweight (ca. 670 g) notebook with 7 inch WVGA screen, WiFi and a full QWERTY keyboard and contains a JZ4730 MIPS compatible processor from Ingenic. The dimensions are DIN A5. The hardware was originally develped by SkyTone and available with many different brands. There are also a variants with different processors (e.g. ARM). The Letux 400 is one of the rare models available with the MIPS architecture.


  • Linux 2.6.x
  • for JZ4730 SoC
  • can be installed on a two-partition SD card to boot Debian Lenny/Ubuntu from a SD card
  • A Debian Lenny rootfs is available in our sister project Lenny 400 Rootfs

Kernel Project

Since the original software from SkyTone is based on an old Linux 2.4.20 kernel it is quite difficult to install several modern applications if they require kernel driver modules. And, Debian Etch is the latest full distribution with large repository that runs.

Since e.g. Debian Lenny requires a 2.6.x kernel, this project provides a variant of the MIPSBook Linux 2.6.24 kernel developed and described on kwaak.net.

This kernel includes the patches from the Minibook Kernel Port project at linuxtogo.org and is configured and adapted for the Letux 400. The sources are available in the git repository and precompiled kernels/modules are in the Downloads section.

News: we are working on very low priority for a 3.12 kernel (http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-kernel.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.12-wip-letux400)

How to install and Operate

Please refer to the Lenny 400 Rootfs project since the kernel alone isn't very useful.


Some contributors

  • Ard van Breemen
  • Bas Wijnen
  • Nikolaus Schaller
  • Nils Faerber
  • Ruben Viets

Where to buy

You can buy a Letux 400 at a ridiculously low price through Handheld Linux or kernel concepts.

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller
Happy Crew
David Boddie

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