Welcome to Letux-OS Embedded Linux

Under the Letux brand, the originators of this project aim to provide well supported systems with open source software and (as open as possible) hardware. Initial devices were existing popular PDA devices, with a focus on specific markets. Since then, the focus was broadeded to include smart phones. Projects are SD cards or devices with preinstalled, user-friendly software.

We run a mixed open source and commercial strategy, trying to be as open as possible but don't want to make a philosophy out of it. For us it is more important to provide well supported systems to our users. Therefore, we focus on quality and hope that users appreciate this.

Letux.org was created and is supported by Golden Delicious Computers kernel concepts, and Guylhem Aznar. The first product was Letux n30 announced in April 2006.

Letux Subprojects


  • Letux Makesd - a tool to partition and format bootable uSD cards

Letux-OS Software

Supported Devices

  • Letux Cortex 8 / PocketBeagle (AM3358)
  • GTA04 / Letux 2804 (OMAP3)
  • BeagleBone (AM3358)
  • BeagleBoard A/B/C (OMAP3)
  • BeagleBoard XM (OMAP3)
  • PandaBoard (OMAP4)
  • OMAP5432EVM (OMAP5)
  • Pyra (OMAP5)
  • OpenPandora (OMAP3)
  • Imagination CI20 (JZ4780)
  • Letux 400 (JZ4730 - partially working)
  • Udoo-Neo (i.MX6)
  • RaspBerry Pi Zero/3B+ (BCM)
  • SAMA5D2 Xplained (ATSAMA5D27)
  • Letux X16 (X1600)

For a complete list, please see Letux Kernel.

Letux Hardware

  • Letux 380 - a very lightweight (90g) Quadband Linux-PDA-Phone (never became available)
  • Letux 400 - a small (DIN A5) and lightweight (ca. 670g) 7in WVGA Minibook with WLAN based on a MIPS processor
  • Letux 400 JTAG - a JTAG interface for the Letux 400 hardware
  • Letux 2804 - OMAP3 based Smartphone in Openmoko case
  • Letux 3704 - OMAP3 based PDA with 3.7 inch screen
  • Letux 7004 - OMAP3 based Tablet with 7 inch screen
  • Letux X16 - X1600 Xburst based Single board Computer

Where to buy

You can buy Letux products through the Goldelico Shop.

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller

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