Letux 400 Hardware

Letux 400 Hardware Documentation

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ClocksClocks, dividers and timers (by P. Boddie)2018-04-20
GPIOGPIO assignment for the JZ4730 inside the Mipsbook2018-04-20
HardwareDocsDocumentation about the Hardware2017-09-09
JZ4730Ingenic JZ4730 SoC2017-09-02
KeyboardKeyboard mapping for the Mipsbook (by P. Boddie)2018-04-21
Operationboot modifier and special notes for the operation2017-09-05
RescueOriginalHow to install the recovery image2017-09-01
SpecialDevicesA list of special device files (2.4 / 2.6 kernel only!)2017-09-02
UnbrickHow to unbrick if U-Boot is still ok2010-08-27

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