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The memory map of the SoC (particularly the peripheral memory)

Memory Map

The JZ4730 has a memory map with the following principal regions of interest:

Start Address End Address Size Function
0x00000000 0x07FFFFFF 128MB SDRAM
0x10000000 0x10FFFFFF 16MB APB I/O devices
0x13000000 0x13FFFFFF 16MB AHB I/O devices
0x1FC00000 0x1FC00FFF 4KB Boot ROM
0x20000000 0xDFFFFFFF 3GB SDRAM

Note that the above regions are not adjacent: reserved and other regions are present that are not directly relevant to the Letux 400.

(The 3GB region from 0x20000000 is actually pertinent on the MIPS Creator CI20 which provides 1GB RAM, but where the region from 0x00000000 has only been upgraded to provide access to 256MB RAM.)

(The boot ROM region is where the CPU will jump to in order to run its built-in boot routines on start-up.)

The I/O or peripheral memory is described below.

I/O Memory

The JZ4730 offers the following regions for configuration of and interaction with peripherals:

Start Address Size Function
0x10000000 0x4C CPM (clock and power management, see Clocks)
0x10001000 0x14 INTC (interrupt controller)
0x10002000 0x80 OST (operating system timer, see Clocks)
0x10003000 0x10 RTC (real-time clock)
0x10004000 0x08 WDT (watchdog timer, see Clocks)
0x10010000 0xC0 GPIO (general purpose input/output)
0x10020000 0x38 AIC (AC97/I2S controller, audio)
0x10021000 0x40 MSC (MMC/SD controller, memory card)
0x10030000 0x24 UART0 (UART #0)
0x10031000 0x24 UART1 (UART #1)
0x10032000 0x24 UART2 (UART #2)
0x10033000 0x24 UART3 (UART #3)
0x10040000 0x1C FIR (infrared communication)
0x10041000 0x20 SCC0 (smartcard)
0x10042000 0x10 I2C (inter-integrated circuit bus)
0x10043000 0x1C SSI (synchronous serial interface, SPI)
0x10044000 0x20 SCC1 (smartcard)
0x10050000 0x0C PWM0 (pulse width modulation, PWM)
0x10051000 0x0C PWM1 (pulse width modulation, PWM)
0x10060000 0x38 DES (data encryption standard)
0x10061000 ? UPRT
0x10062000 ? KBC
0x13000000 0x28 HARB (bus arbitration)
0x13010000 0x100 EMC (NAND controller)
0x13020000 0x100 DMAC (DMA controller)
0x13030000 ? UHC (USB host controller)
0x13040000 0x844 UDC (USB device controller)
0x13050000 0x60 LCD (LCD controller)
0x13060000 0x30 CIM (camera interface module)
0x13100000 0x1058 ETH (Ethernet)
0x13F00000 ? NBM

The EMC peripheral also uses these regions:

0x1301a000, 0x1301b000, 0x1301c000, 0x1301d000

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