mySTEP = embedded GNUstep

mySTEP is the GUI library level of QuantumSTEP and provides:

  • Foundation.framework
  • AppKit.framework
  • AddressBook.framework
  • MapKit.framework
  • WebKit.framework (a simplified version)
  • PreferencePane.framework
  • SystemUI.framework (MenuExtras)
  • SystemStatus.framework
  • and many more

Since mySTEP is based on mGStep and GNUstep, it is open source and licenced under the LGPL. Therefore, full sources are available for download:

or direct browsing:


To compile it and/or develop applications you need a Macintosh computer with Xcode and the free Cross Compiler (Xtoolchain). Please download the SDK to do so.


  • Felipe Rodriguez (initial mGSTEP)
  • Nikolaus Schaller
  • Fabian Spillner
  • some parts come from GNUstep

Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller

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