Issue 539: NFC

Reported by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 17, 2013

Chip used for design:

evaluation by community resulted in finding the TRF linux support 
(libnfc) to be sparse and insufficient, we need to use PN53x for 
which there is a wealth of mature support in linux.

Comment 1 by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 17, 2013


use FPC antenna glued into inside of battey lid, with two pogopins 
protruding from uSD/flash daughterboard through two holes drilled 
into the case plastic between battery and uSD-tray

Comment 2 by Nikolaus Schaller, Dec 17, 2013

I disagree. We need a good chip and community will support it. 
Innovation is not what customers tell you what they want.
Software is for adaptation to newer hardware...

Comment 3 by Nikolaus Schaller, Dec 17, 2013

To add what we need for a good evaluation and comparison of two 

* dimension of chip
* number of external components
* chip cost (1Q and 1kQ)
* availability of driver (this is of course one factor, but IMHO one 
of the least important ones)
* ease of interface
* power consumption (active, standby)
* protocol support (current and future)
* openness of documentation (I assume that is for all variants)

So before drawing conclusions and decisions we need to weight the 
outcome of such an analysis. I wish I had more time to do it 

Finally, we may be able to get an integrated WLAN/BT/FM/NFC chip 
which beats.

Comment 4 by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 18, 2013

requirement: Single-Wire connection to SIM for NFC secure 
applications (POS payment etc).

consider and evaluate
Particular focus on privacy and compatibility to modem, buzzword 


Comment 5 by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 18, 2013

when we plan to provide BSP with complete driver support for all 
hardware, like we promised to do, we will have to put more weight on 
the "availability of linux drivers" detail. Otherwise it's 
not "community" but *us* who will have to develop drivers 
for a new unsupported chip.
When OTOH there's existing comprehensive(!) comparable driver 
support for both alternatives then the other points get more 
No matter which weighting we apply, we of course need to steer clear 
of showstoppers like poor hw system integration or too high power 
consumption. All such points would be a final KO criterion for any 
of both alternatives.

Comment 6 by Piotr Polak, Jan 27, 2014

Have you considered NXP PN65 NFC/SecureElement combo package used in 
most Android phones? L version of it is based on PN532 NFC 
controller supported in linux.

Comment 7 by Joerg Reisenweber, Jan 12, 2015

relevant paper, courtesy Werner:

Comment 8 by Kevin James, Dec 12, 2019

Linux system is a kind of technical skill required to manage and 
they have great support for their users. The <a href="">https://www.australian-</a> share some of the great tricks which you can 
use in your Linux system.

Comment 9 by Nikolaus Schaller, Dec 14, 2020

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