Issue 541: domesheet illumination

Reported by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 23, 2013

LED white, emitting light sideways. 1.8mm * 1.0mm * ~0.3mm(!)

matching component needed. Particularly re height restriction.

Alternative(?): use rear-mounted LED shining from other side of PCB 
through a hole. Problem: change direction of beam 90° to shine 
sideways into lightspreader of domesheet

Comment 2 by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 24, 2013

RGB 3.0*1.3*0.43mm  ~1.00EUR/1; 0.43 height seems in tolerance, 3.0 
width TBC
(not compatible with N900 LED driver concept which only supports 6 
LED via LP5523. This however would sum up to 18 LEDs. Needs further 
consideration, but highly desirable property of changeable kbd BL 
color. Add a few(3) LP5523 (EUR2.44/1)? )

White 1.8*1.0*0.35 right angle ~1.85EUR/1 Sheets/Rohm PDFs/SMLF13WBDW.pdf

all-colors PicoLED-side  ~0.92EUR/1 white

white 2.8*1.4*0.8(! not 0.08 - so this one is *OUT*, but 
nevertheless awesome) sideview 2350mCd(!)@35mA CALL(!!) Sheets/Optek PDFs/OVSRWAC2R6.pdf

seems we have a few choices (and I don't claim I found all, not even 
in digikey) :-)

Comment 3 by Joerg Reisenweber, Dec 26, 2013

photo of original for reference:
(sorry for poor quality of my own ones)

Comment 4 by Joerg Reisenweber, Jan 2, 2014

go for 6* RGB MSL0201RGBW1CT-ND, add 2 pcs lp5523 on same I2C bus 
(supports 4 distinct I2C addr via 2 ADDR-config pins). Move all kbd 
LED to the 2 new lp5523, leaving original lp5523 with indicator RGB 
and 6 open outputs usable  to our liking. 
kbd backlight in fremantle is controlled by mce which recently got 
RE'd, so sw side is no problem
(or LP55231 ?)

Comment 5 by Nikolaus Schaller, Jan 2, 2014

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Comment 6 by Nikolaus Schaller, Jan 6, 2014

Unfortunately the LED proposed has a common Anode but we need common 
Cathode for the LP5523.

We can either look for different LEDs. What about
ulti/msl0101.pdf - but there is no stock at the usual distributors.

Or we use a different LED driver (e.g. TCA6507).

Comment 7 by Joerg Reisenweber, Jul 3, 2014

Comment 8 by Nikolaus Schaller, Dec 14, 2020

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