Issue 634: Autoreset of Modem

Reported by Nikolaus Schaller, Jul 10, 2014

Please consider to have a 10uF capacitor on modem VDDLP (M15), 
see "PHS8-E_Hardware_Interface_Description":

3.3.6  Automatic Reset
An automatic reset takes effect if
* A sudden momentary power loss (SMPL) occurs - e.g., a very brief 
battery disconnect - and
the power returns within 2 seconds.
The SMPL feature ensures that if VBATT+ drops out-of-range (< 
2.55V nominal) and then re-
turns into range within 2 seconds, the power-on sequence is executed 
and the module switches
on again. Thus the SMPL feature achieves immediate and automatic 
recovery from momentary
power loss such as a brief battery disconnect.
To employ the SMPL feature the VDDLP line has to supplied for at 
least 2 seconds after a pos-
sible power loss (e.g., by connecting a 10μF capacitor).

It's not entirely clear to me if settings like PIN / AT+CFUN etc are 

persistent over a reset/power-on sequence, but anyway seems 
this is a feature we want to at least test and possibly exploit.

Comment 1 by Colton Nelson, Nov 9, 2019

For this automatic working, you have to do some coding that works 
for you. The will help you in 
case you did not understand about it.

Comment 2 by Nikolaus Schaller, Dec 14, 2020

Status: WontFix

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