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Tinkerphones Developer Resources

Become member of the paid OpenPhoenux developer programme!


Please subscribe to the mailing list to receive invitations to bid (read only list!):


If you have proposals for projects or want to discuss before subscribing, please mail to info@openphoenux.org.


The idea is that there is the mailing list where we (the project leading team) regularily propose subtasks needing development (e.g. camera driver, fixing a specific bug etc.).

It is a requirement that the results of such contributions are open sourced according to the base license of the project they refer to (e.g. GPL for camera driver).

The rough idea is to resemble a permantently installed GSoC that is not limited to students and has a single "Mentoring Organization".

Where does the money come from? It will come from some % of the hardware sales of OpenPhoenux devices plus additional donations. Please note that you must be able to send us an invoice and international money transfer may cost some amount. You are responsible for paying your VAT and local taxes.

So the more OpenPhoenux devices are sold, the more money becomes available for the paid developer programme. This makes the OpenPhoenux better and better and more attractive to new users who buy devices - closing the positive feedback loop.

This is just a start of the idea and the details may be refined in the future based on the experiences we make in this process.

Rationale for this programme

The reasons why we do this is that we want to get more speed into the project. If we look at the steadily growing number of applications initiated by the Apple developer program, there is some fundamental factor driving this.

Thousands of students and developers are subscribing for one reason: it opens an opportunity to earn some (additional) money (only a small percentage earns lot of money). While pure FLOSS projects have no such direct return that can be converted into what you currently need.

Well, FLOSS is a lot of fun, gives reputation and knowledge, but if you can get the more through some app-store model, the choice is obvious. Especially in times where it is no longer for sure that we have a paid full-time job + enough spare time for volunteer work.

Since money and freedom are not antagonists ("free as in "free speech" and not in "free beer"), I think we should try to combine both to the benefit of our OpenPhoenux project.

Areas of Expertise

We are currently looking for these areas of expertise:

  • Linux Kernel, Drivers, low level hardware control
  • C, Objective-C
  • mobile application design with Qt, Cocoa, iOS, GNUstep
  • bug hunting and fixing
  • active work in open source communities
  • mechanical engineering
  • marketing

Publish your own Applications

Independently of the developer programme you can use the OpenPhoenux software index to publish your applications (and maybe hardware?) so that it can be found in a central place: http://www.openphoenux.org/swi/index.php