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Letux/GTA04 Kernel- and Userspace-Hacking weekend Munich


we (tinkerphones community Munich) are organizing a kernel- and user-space hacking weekend to improve the Letux/GTA04 kernel and to make progress on matching QtMoko with newer kernels and latest Debian.

This workshop is planned to have two groups:

a) Kernel - to work on the known (and new) issues, mainly power management, but also others (e.g. Camera, Audio for GSM/FM/Bluetooth). The idea is to close as many issues as possible or at least work out how to close them soon.

b) QtMoko - update the basis to Debian Jessie, make it compile, add fixes so that we can use the latest kernels, make new packages etc. Expertise from Replicant will be included.

We have some budget to support travel expenses.

Participation will be limited in the total number of people. I think a good group size will be ca. 5 developers each. More is not productive and less is not enough breadth of different experience.

If you think you can and want to participate and actively contribute, please apply by a short mail to me, telling what you want to do and which expertise you have and if you need support with travel expenses.

If you don't, but know somebody who could be interested and helpful, please forward this link.

Let's hope this helps to bring our community forward and finally fix some important issues we want to see solved for a long time.


Participants list (preliminary)

  • Lukas lukas@goldelico.com, Replicant
  • Nikolaus hns@goldelico.com, Organization & Kernel & Debian
  • Marek marek@goldelico.com, Kernel
  • Andreas andreas@kemnade.info, Kernel
  • Sebastian snr@lmv-hartmannsdorf.de, User Experience & Testing
  • Josua josua.mayer@jm0.eu, Debian
  • Jonas dr@jones.dk, Debian
  • Jakob jake42@rommel.stw.uni-erlangen.de, Kernel & Debian

Please register yourself on the tinkerphones workshop mailing list!


If you want to participate or know someone who should, please contact me (hns@goldelico.com).


The dates have been fixed: Saturday 4th June 2016 + Sunday 5th. I think we will start around 10:00.


Location: meeting room of

Emvolution GmbH Martin-Luther-Str. 2 (Entrance through the backyard of "Giesinger Bräu", take the steel door left of the Beer shop) 81539 München

(thanks to them!)


Underground: take line U1/U2/U7 to "Kolumbusplatz".

Car parking: there might be 2 or 3 parking spaces at the backyeard, but there is also public parking everywhere around. The fee is 6€ for full day (you need enough smaller € coins!).

Please refer for details to: https://www.muenchen.de/rathaus/dms/Home/Stadtverwaltung/Kreisverwaltungsreferat/fachspezifisch/HA-III/Dokumente/Parken/Silberhornstrasse/Silberhornstraße_0412.pdf "Blue" areas are ok.

There are several restaurants and a gas station with coffee shop nearby as well as some parks for making a break and walking around :)