QuantumSTEP is a Mac-like Application Platform that can be installed on existing Linux devices (Openmoko, Zaurus, Letux, Pyra, PinePhone, RasPi, ...) aiming at highest level of usage, data and application source code compatibility (to the Mac platform) prepared for perfect data exchange and sync.

It is founded on very powerful software technology frameworks which have been ground-breaking when originally introduced: Objective-C, NextStep/OpenStep (developed by NeXT and Apple) as well as the X Window System (developed by MIT) and Linux.

mySTEP, the core frameworks of QuantumSTEP, are derived from GNUstep and mGSTEP and are therefore open source. They are licenced under the Library GPL.

By utilizing Apple Mac OS X ("the world's most advanced desktop operating system") with Xcode and GNU gcc, a very powerful development platform is available which makes porting of applications easy. The Cross-Compiler toolchain (Xtoolchain) and the Software Development Kit (SDK) for QuantumSTEP are provided for free.

The Application Suite is very complete - while having a very small footprint - and covers the traditional Personal Information Management applications (Addressbook, Calendar, ToDo, Calculator) as well as Phone Dialer, Mailer, Web Browser, Image Viewer, File Manager, GPS Navigator, Terminal, etc.

From a User's perspective QuantumSTEP supports all major Technologies like XML, (X)HTML, HTTP(S), FTP, TCP/IP, RTF, vCalendar, vCard, GPRS/WLAN, GPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF.

Licenses for the non-GPL parts and investment opportunities are available on request.

How is the name derived from? What are associations?

  • Quantum = small, micro, but still a unity that can't be divided any more
  • i.e. fitting for handheld devices like PDAs and Smartphones
  • Many infinitely small and improbable steps in the Quantum-micro-world make up astonishing phenomena in the macro world
  • STEP = in the history of NextSTEP, OpenSTEP, GNUstep

So we want to allude to small but clear steps (progress without regression).


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Development Team
Nikolaus Schaller
Happy Crew
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